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what is it wednesday #12

October 9, 2013

It’s Wednesday! You know what that means … time for What is it Wednesday? (Round 12)!

Here it is … can you guess the item?  Leave your answer in the comment section, and be sure to check back next week to see if you guessed correctly!



And  … the answer to last week’s “What is it Wednesday”, you ask?

The featured item was …

a Stainless Steel Rasp!

IMG_4971Well here is another Rasp, a stainless steel version, that doubles as a zester! It is traditionally a tool used for shaping wood (or other materials) that has migrated to the kitchen and can now “be seen regularly on TV cooking shows and is enthusiastically praised by leading chefs.”

You know, I’m not completely sure why this one became so popular in the kitchen world. Honestly, I think because we love shopping in the hardware store so much  … perhaps, some chefs thought ‘hey, I could use this lonely wood rasp as an awesome kitchen tool’, and why the heck not?  In fact, “Fame in the food world came about when a Lee Valley woodworker’s wife discovered that her husband’s new wood rasp would zest oranges. This discovery rapidly led to expanded uses such as zesting lemons, grating nuts and ginger.”

Not only that, but this rasp is great for grating hard cheeses, too!  Especially useful for adding to pastas & salads!

Gotta go now, must find some cheese to grate 🙂

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– as quoted from LeeValley


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