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what is it wednesday #15

October 30, 2013

It’s Wednesday!  And guess what that means?  Time for  … what is it wednesday?!

This will be my last week co-hosting our little game, but the fun will continue on with Diane’s blog over at Cafe Berzerk

And now, back to the featured item!  Can you guess what it is?  Be sure to leave your answer in the comment section on Diane’s blog, and check back with her next week to see if you got it correct!



Did you remember seeing the last What is it Wednesday item? We left you to ponder what the item may have been.  Did you figure it out?

The featured item was …

An old Ice Pick!

IMG_2719Do they even still sell these in the store?  What the heck would we use an ice pick for now-a-days? Once used to break apart or chip ice into chunks, we now have ice cubes trays in our fridge, and refrigerators that have built in ice dispensers, and if we really need more ice … we go to the gas station and purchase a bag of cubed or crushed ice already set and ready to go!

But, back to this little red ice pick … if it’s in my kitchen, I’ll put it to good use for sure. Maybe not for it’s intended use, but I use this tool as my cake tester. Ice pick/cake tester, whichever, it works!

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